Danya Gebremedhin - Foundations Of PR

by Danya

Welcome to my portfolio this shows my knowledge of what I've learned so far in this course. With 4 pictures, 5 blog posts, 1 press release, 1 poster and a short film. Hope you enjoy! 


Learning Progress Of Public Relations

Starting this course the only thing about pr I knew about was that it's mainly about reputation and social media etc but it’s so much more. Attending classes has thought me about different ways to work in PR, an understanding of what public relations actually means (even though I still haven’t really got a hang of it), the meaning of different word like lobbying but for me learning about how much work people that work with PR actually does has been the the most interesting to me to learn about. Just the fact that I can tell my friends and parents that studying PR isn’t about learning how to promote a club or a celebrity is so much more. When I first was about to start this course and didn’t know much about public relations and told people that I was gonna study that some of my friends didn’t take it seriously and ask if I was gonna be a club promoter but now whenever I come home or tell my friends about what we actually do in class and that I can really defend myself and the course it feels so much better. So I can really say that I’ve finally gotten a bigger understanding of pr but yet I have much to learn!


Baby Dream Commercial

Ethics in PR

For me, I feel like pr is an industry that is only growing and becoming bigger and bigger. More companies go through things that affect their reputation and also the fact that PR is becoming a more common and word in society and more people hearing about it shows that it’s a growing industry. I only heard the word maybe 6 6 or 7 years ago and my parents just starting to actually get what it is and weren’t so surprised when I told them about this course is another example os how pr I growing. Even though there are so many different things to when working in PR I think everyone should be licensed just for that reason. You never know what can come up or what you have to deal with and being licensed will be a proof that you’ve taken a course and that you have the basic knowledge of pr. It also helps the companies that need PRs so that they know that if you have a degree there’s sultan thing that you know of and can deal with. Talking about ethics in pr is probably something that everyone has different opinions about for me ethics is really important, I wouldn’t wanna work for a company, person ooh campaign that supports something that I can’t stand for, it goes against everything I believe in and I wouldn’t do a good job knowing I don’t agree with the work I’m doing. I put my heart into everything a do and always think back on previous experience and thoughts so for me ethics is and will be a big part in choosing my internship or workplace when it comes to PR in the future. 


''Meet the industry''

Attending the Thursday's ’’meet the industry’’ sessions have really helped me understand the PR industry better. It has given me an insight of how it actually is to work with PR and really understanding what this course will give me after the three years.  Also what I can do with my degree. My favorite so far was definitely when Shelly Spector came from New York to tell us her story, I was so inspired by her. She told her story of how it was before hen she started in pr. How women didn’t really have the same opportunity to work or grow in public relations like men have. How she was pregnant and had to work as hard and now has her own PR agency in the New York and it’s not just any pr agency it’s one of the leading once as well. For me being a young woman and having the goal of one time opening my own agency and wanting to work in New York I felt really inspired and motivated after hearing her story. 

Press Release For FEST LDN


Timeless - The Digital Magazine

Creating the digital magazine was both exciting and scary it was our first big and also the first group project. I remember having so many ideas in my head that I wanted to make into reality. It almost felt like being in a movie when everything you think of comes to life but you don’t really know how they got there. After sitting down with my group discussing what we were able to actually do and attending different classes with the tutors we had to take out some of the ideas due to lack of knowledge. I was nervous about getting the part of being the writer since I hate writing and always felt that I’m really bad at writing, might have something to do about the fact that English isn’t my first language but I did my best and felt really proud of my work and so did my colleagues. Looking back at it I can say that I really learned from the assignment so now I just need to continue writing cause you know what they say, practice makes perfect!


Mind - Press Conference

The press conference has in my opinion been the most exciting assignment we’ve got so far. That everything was going to be graded from start to finish really got us to get into the different roles we had and really pretend that we were pr practitioners, that is also something that motivates me. To really there as well get an insight of how’s it’s gonna be working with PR. In the press conference, we got to work in groups again which always is challenging but exciting cause putting all of our brains together makes great work. There are always things to build on your idea that’s why it’s great to work in groups. Having journalists in the room on the press conference gave an insight of how the press approaches you and gives you an understanding of how well read you have to be really knowing everything about the campaign and the company your representing. It was a great experience and I really hope we get to do something similar throughout the rest of the course!